NaNo NoMo

November is usually the time that I commit to NaBloPoMo, commit to writing in this space every single day. And I thought about it, you guys. I really really did. But. *heavy sigh* I just couldn’t do it. I knew I would fail and right now one more failure would push me from emo to Eeyore and I don’t want to be Eeyore, y’all. I’m a sad about it, because it’s November and November is when you do NaBloPoMo and I am nothing if I’m not a creature of habit and resistant to change, but knowing your limits and all that.

BUT I am going to try something. I believe it’s called a compromise. I’m going to try & write here once a week. HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS, Y’ALL. Cause, okay here’s the thing. I have things to say. And I’m happy when I’m writing. So. While I may not be able to commit to writing here every day once a week doesn’t seem so unreasonable, does it? I’m glad you agree.

Go team!

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