Fangirl Down

Internets, I have to be honest. I feel like hot garbage. Which is putting it mildly. Somewhere around 3am Sunday morning my stomach decided to rebel. And without going into gory details, let’s just say my toilet and I got very acquainted for approximately 16 hours. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster I remembered that I had Sea Bands that I’d gotten from BlogHer. They worked in 30 seconds. BLESS. What they didn’t cure was the fact that I’m achy, and tired, and still fevery, and walking makes me feel like my heart is going to beat out of my chest. Blergh.

But! They did make me feel well enough to experience the greatest thirty seconds of television in the past ten years.

I may have immediately reverted back to my 16 year old self. I don’t know if the shaking was a result of 16 hours of horking, or 16 years of fangirling, but LAWD WAS IT GLORIOUS.

Imma need a minute.

Good things, people, good things are happening. And the synchronized man dancing to late 90’s pop-music is just the tip of the coordinating, yet slightly disparate outfit mountain. September 2nd I will be seeing Mumford and effing Sons. Live. In person. YOU GUYS.

In October I’ll be heading to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for the Click Retreat. And one of my favorite bloggers in the entire ‘verse will be there. Also, her, you know, who I don’t hate. heh

In November, I’m roadtripping to Charleston for Y’all Fest, where not only some of my favorite people from the Internets will be there, but my favorite young adult authors. Dear Rainbow Rowell, I apologize in advance for the intense fangirling that will happen.

December I’m seeing JT. Also live. Also in person. You guys. I’m trying not to wish the days away, but I’m pretty stoked. It’s been awhile since I had so much to look forward to.

In honor of my birthday (oh hai, the 28th is my birthday) leave a comment and tell me what you’re looking forward to. And also, maybe, how to make this demon flu go away.

**If things look a little wonky/new/weird around here it’s b/c I accidentally changed my wordpress theme & I can’t remember what the old one was called. I’m working on it.


7 thoughts on “Fangirl Down

  1. I am also looking forward to Mumford and Sons, the end of this awful summer cold, and a time when it isn’t 100 degrees out at 6pm.

    I had a similar fangirl freak out on Twitter over the VMAs. I think I only proposed to Justin Timberlake once, but I can’t be sure. It’s all kind of a blur now.

  2. Happy birthday my friend! I’m looking forward to FALL. And I have a big writing project that I’m finishing this week and launching into the universe. 🙂 Excited for your concerts and wanderings this fall. Looking forward to reading about them!

  3. REK981 says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope you are feeling better. We so far have skated through with just the sniffles here are on the far west side. I’m GREEN with envy about you seeing Mumford & Sons on Monday. I was crushed when they had to cancel Bonnaroo but so glad that Ted is OK. (Bonnaroo still rocked my socks off). I may check stubhub on Monday morning to see if I can score some cheap tickets. Y’all Fest looks amazing! I’ve read more than a couple of those series / authors…Enjoy!!

  4. I’m looking forward to little man’s eyes lighting up if Heather and I can pull off his half birthday cake… and a trip to Austin even if I have to work… and Christmas (Lauren would be so proud)

  5. tonya. says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADYPANTS. I’m looking forward to tacklehugging the effing ess out of you in November, and also pitch perfect singalonging and all the fangirling. but mostly the tackles and the huggings. ❤

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