I Call That Getting Tricked By A Business

Social media is a wonderful, amazing thing. It pays (some of) my bills. It brought people into my life that I could never live without. It’s been a sounding board when I didn’t want to burden my friends face-to-face. I can vent into the ether and move about my day.

But, it’s also tricky. It’s spoiled us. In a world where we expect to get exactly what we want, when we want it, and to be justly compensated when that doesn’t happen we run to social media. We shake our fists and shout on twitter when the barista gets our order wrong. We complain and take photos showcasing our injustices and watch as our friends rally around us and bemoan these terrible, horrible, no good, very bad wrongs, HDU. We jump on Yelp, and FourSquare, and Instagram and call out the offending parties, hoping to shame them into better action, hoping for a refund, compensation, a soothing balm to our woes, DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM MY FOLLOWERS WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS. I AM INTERNET FAMOUS GODDAMNIT, AND YOU WILL FIX THIS, OR I WILL PUT YOUR FATHER’S HEAD ON A SPIKE.

Hell, I’ve done it (to be clear, not the head on a spike part). Just last week I received a package from Fab, via a LivingSocial purchase. Nestled along side my sherpa lined throw was surprise! a $10 gift card. But it expired on February 28th and it was currently March 1st. <sadface>

So, I did what anyone would do. I took to social media and waited for my minions friends to validate me and appropriately tear down the offenders.

Or, I posted a picture to Instagram and calmly said, “Thanks Fab, but do you normally send gift cards that expire the day after they arrive?”

I tagged them on Twitter and moved on. I honestly wasn’t that upset. It would have been a nice little bonus, but nothing about my order had gone wrong. I immediately received a tweet from the Fab Crackerjacks, apologizing and telling me who to call or email to fix it. So, I emailed. I attached the photo and explained that it was expired and I wasn’t expecting anything, but hey maybe you might want to know that this happened.

I got a response a few hours later, on a Friday after 5pm no less, from Holly, Fab Crackerjack extraordinaire.Capture

Holy shitsnacks! I was practically giddy. Not because of the credit (although yay!) but because this was a human response. She was honest, hey that sucks and we totally messed up. Our bad. Honestly, she could have left it at that, and I would have been okay. She was nice and seemed like someone I might want to hang out with. I mean, call me? Maybe? I responded the next day (didn’t want to appear too needy) and thanked her and said how impressed with how considerate and speedy their team had been.


Look Nick, you’re no Holly, but I like you too. I’m halfway convinced if I’d asked for the pony my parents never got me Nick and Holly would have made it happen. Or they would have been like, look dude, we get it. Ponies are really awesome, but there’s just no way.

I could have been a dick and demanded everyone take up their pitchforks and that Fab was the worst company evvvvvar. But, I would have been wrong. Sometimes you just have to take a minute, breathe, and remember that behind every company is a group of humans, just like you.

Also, don’t be a dick.


4 thoughts on “I Call That Getting Tricked By A Business

  1. I had a similar experience with Tiffany & Co. on twitter. I posted that both of the pieces that I’d had cleaned after my honeymoon were tarnished and I couldn’t wear them (womp) and about an hour later I had a DM from their customer service telling me to email them so they could help. My tweet wasn’t even to them, just mentioned them. I didn’t expect anything, but now I have a free bottle of silver cleaner and cleaning cloth, so that’s cool. I still have to clean those teeny tiny, intricate things myself, but they didn’t have to do any of that. Go them. I would totally buy more things from them. You know, if I could afford it.

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