I Got My Ticket For The Long Way ‘Round

So, this happened.


I’ve always wanted to go super short, but never had the balls. It was time for a change.


I love it, but I’m still getting used to it.


Figuring out how to wear it so it looks like me.


And if anything, I think I want to go shorter. This is my ideal, if I work up the balls.


So, what’s new with you?


20 thoughts on “I Got My Ticket For The Long Way ‘Round

  1. Hahah I love your expressions in all of these pictures!

    It looks so cute! Especially in pic #2. I’m so jealous. I used to have short hair like that. It sounds so manageable….

    Quit tempting me!

  2. WOWZERS! Looking good! I don’t think I could ever do it because I do not have the balls (or that gorgeous face like you do to pull it off) and I have a slight weird thing with my hair (which is now getting STUPID long…again.) where I use it as a security blanket. For instance – I once had the balls (after losing a bet) to cut off about 3 feet of hair in one haircut because I’d never had more than a trim in 10+ years and after that haircut my hair was still about 8 inches long.

    Anyway – I love it the new do – have fun with it 🙂

  3. Go for your ideal. Your hair is thick enough, with enough body to pull it off. Plus, all those freaky layers going every which way would complement your standard photo face. ;P My hair is thin and flat and would just lay there on my head. I know this for sure because I’ve tried.

    • See, but I run into the problem of my hair being SO thick that it can make me look like a hedgehog. And while hedgehogs are awesome (and also my spirit animal) I don’t aim to look like them. heh

  4. In that second picture you look just like Sidney Bristow on “Alias” when she pretends to be a very hip and awesome scientist, thereby saving the world from terrorists once again. And I can give you no higher compliment than that.

  5. As one who has worn short hair since – just about always – welcome to the cool side! I definitely like the looks of pic #1 and pic #2 – I think a little hair on your forehead looks good. I’m currently sporting a look similar to Anne Hathaway’s Fantine from Les Mis, but I think at my next appointment I’m going to go really short, maybe more like Ginnifer Goodwin.

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