Shock Me Shock Me Shock Me With That Deviant Behavior.

So, 2013. That’s a thing now.

Internets, I have to be honest. I am not well. Mentally, physically, just all of it. I’ve been sick as a dog the past week. Working six days a week finally caught up with me and my body was all, “NOPE” and knocked me on my ass. I won’t lie, spending a few days in bed burrowed under my down comforter and with a pushy purring cat next to me was not the worst thing to ever happen. Although I could have done without the hacking cough and fever. I can power through most things, but a fever? It’s the one thing guaranteed to take me out.

Mentally, well I’m still working on getting on the right meds and it’s taking all my strength to hang in there until it happens. Good hell, but I forgot how exhausting getting on the right antidepressant is. I feel like I’ve been hanging by a thread for months now and there’s a part of me that just wants that thread to snap. That it’ll be easier to fall and worry about the pieces later. It’s tenuous, my relationship with that little thread, but for now we’re both holding strong.

Well, enough with the heavy onto the fun.

You see, I got kind of a badass Christmas gift this year.

I was waiting until I had a better photo of it, but what with the Sick and the Tired and the Lazy, well it could be awhile before I drag out my tripod and take a decent non phone version.

This was the inspiration. I told Dina I what I liked about it, that I wanted to be able to cover it with a t-shirt and that I wanted a moose for my godson & his mama and I wanted to add “cordoza” for her. She drew it right on my shoulder with a marker and we only had to tweak it once. Girl is crazy talented.

I may add to it in the future. I may fill it with bright, bold colors. But for now it’s perfect. It’s exactly what I wanted and one of these days I’ll take a photo of it to do it justice.

How was your Christmas, Internets? Did you do anything fun on New Years? Because I sat my happy ass on my couch with my cat, my knitting, and the Vampire Diaries.


6 thoughts on “Shock Me Shock Me Shock Me With That Deviant Behavior.

  1. That is a kickass tattoo! What a cool present. I love that you have so much detail for people you care about.

    Good luck with the antidepressants. It is the worst feeling, to be just waiting waiting waiting to feel better. So I hope you do soon. Hang in there.

    I hope you feel better physically too! Being sick sucks! But down comforters and kittens is a pretty sweet combo.

  2. Erin says:

    Sometimes threads are stronger than we think they will be. Glad you’re both holding out – .this too shall pass and turn into a sunnier day. Hope the sun comes out sooner rather than later. xoxo

    PS – I love the artwork. It’s beautiful 🙂

  3. someday (maybe) I’ll get a tattoo. Not likely, but I would love one (gigantic sleeve). GO big or go home, right?

    And I get the thread. My thread is a totally different type of fiber than yours, but it’s thin as well. I’m confident that we will find “it” someday, both of us.

  4. Hey, we’ve never met before, but I randomly stumbled upon your blog and was intrigued, given we share the same first name (and that doesn’t happen to me very often). Even more intriguing are the following facts:
    – I also (sometimes) write and am a (sometimes) photographer
    – I also have tattoos
    – I am also single
    – I also have a cat
    – I also seem to attract awkwardness.
    – I also have a blog.

    Kinda weird. Anyway, thought I’d say hey. So, hey.


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