Sunday, Lazy Sunday

Well, my four! days! off! are coming to an end. And while my paychecks will be a lighter as a result, it was a much needed break. Mentally working so much is exhausting. Especially coming off the heels of not working at all. While I’m immensely grateful to be working at all, let alone too much, it’s taking me a little while to find the right balance between being able to pay my bills and needing to take time off to just be.

George Weasley, high strung dude that he is, also does better when I’m home more. There’s less peeing on things that shouldn’t be peed on, and that’s always a win in my book. (No seriously, dude. Stop peeing on my walls.)

So, George and I are going to enjoy our last few hours off before that whole being an adult with responsibilities thing kicks back in.


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