That Time I Lied

So, you know how I was all, I HATE SHOPPING NO BLACK FRIDAY FOR ME!

I lied.

See, while I do hate shopping, I also love a good deal. I also love to read. So, when I saw that Target had the Nook for only $49 and I remembered that I had $30 in Target gift cards leftover from my birthday? I found myself pulling into the Target parking lot at 11pm after stuffing my face full of tasty tasty carbs.

This falls perfectly into the Black Friday trap. I don’t need it. But I wants it. I love real books, but sometimes this whole e-book thing comes in handy.

Also, turns out if you’re single for 109 years and then you post a picture like this:

The internet will jump to a lot of (very enthusiastic all caps) conclusions.

Yes, we do look very happy.

Yes, we do make a good looking couple.

Yes, he is very good looking. I’m sure his boyfriend thinks so, too.

No, we are not dating (despite me trying my hardest in college and despite the fact that he proposed in the middle of a gay cowboy bar), see aforementioned boyfriend.

Bless you all.


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