So Show Me Family, All The Blood That I Will Bleed

I don’t know if it comes from being an only child, but my friends are like family to me. I’ve had some friends in my life longer than I haven’t. Some I only met a few years ago but I can’t remember a time when they weren’t there. And it doesn’t stop at the people I see every day. The internet has brought me a stupid amount of loveliness into my life. And you wonder sometimes if the screen to screen will translate to the face to face. Considering I’m not one usually prone to emotional outbursts or fits of girlieness, but when I finally met Brie this summer after two years and I basically squealed and then ran and wrapped my legs around her in the lobby of a fancy Times Square hotel? IT TOTALLY TRANSLATES.

Someone very wise suggested I use Fridays to share my favorite people of the internet. So, I’m going to listen.

Internets, if you don’t already know Robin Plemmons allow me to enrich your life.

I met Robin for the first time in February after fawning all over her online. She is stupid talented and wise, crazy funny, and has the biggest heart balls of anyone I know. We stayed up until 3am one night, both a little boozey and a lot honest and just talked. About how hard it is to let people help you. About the awesome weirdness of blogging conferences. About the kinds of things you talk about when it’s a lot late and you can’t be anything but honest and you’re realize that you’re sitting with someone who for all intents and purposes should be a stranger, but isn’t. Someone who gets it. I sat next to Casey and Robin while Me Ra Koh talked about photography and said, “You have to have the darkness to have the light,” and suddenly she wasn’t talking about just photography anymore and the three of us were openly weeping.

I think we all see a bit of who we want to be in our friends. I can only hope that one day I’m able to love as open and honestly with the same kind of bravery that she does.

And all of that is my overly sentimental way of saying, dude. She’s awesome. (And seriously Christmas is coming up and if you bought me everything from her store I wouldn’t be sad.)

And speaking of awesome things from the internet. Today is Emily’s birthday. Won’t you go tell her how lovely she is?


3 thoughts on “So Show Me Family, All The Blood That I Will Bleed

  1. My goodness. It takes one to know one, SHIREEN. Thank you. I’m so happy our paths crossed & that we had an opportunity to get real raw on that couch. You’re a gem. I wish you lived closer so we could do that more. xoxo

    • One of my favorite moments of the Internet was when you two walked in RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER, I said “HEY!”, you both looked because you know how important I am and then a pointed you to each other and rainbows and glitter flew forth in that pretty Opryland ballroom with cries and hugs of “IT’S YOU!”

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