Accaperfection And The Importance Of Juice Boxes And Rocky

I was in show choir for 10 years.

Hey! Come back!

But yes, I was in show choir from 3rd grade until I graduated high school. (I also played the flute in band for a number of years, but that’s neither here nor there.) Which, is kind of of funny because I? I hate with every fiber of my being being on a stage and having any amount of attention thrown my way. (Metaphorical blogging stages notwithstanding.) Show choir, if you’re not aware, requires you to get on a stage and sing and dance in front of the entire student body. Which at my high school was well over 1,000 judgey little bodies watching me shimmy my way through a Disney medley. I’m also not very good at singing, although I do love it (and I have the rhythm of an inebriated hamster.) I mean, I’m not so bad that the cat starts to howl along when I sing in the shower, but Adele I am not.

Freshman year the top show choir did a medley from Rent. I was instantly obsessed. I had the soundtrack memorized in days, gathered at least ten other people to go see it when it came to Clowes and we sat in the top balcony in the very last row mooing our hearts out when Maureen demanded it of us. I’ve seen it no less than seven times since then including once on Broadway and once with five of the original cast members. I own the dvd of the movie, the stage version, and the collector’s coffee table book, as well as a signed playbook. I know all the words to “La Vie Boheme” and could re-enact the entire show by myself if I were so inclined.

The point is, when I like something? I really, really like it. I have a wee bit of an obsessive personality. Not like, wait outside your window in the dark obsessive, just a nice, gentle obsessive.

Enter Pitch Perfect. I really didn’t stand a chance with this one. It combines my love of singing and a capella with my love of battle movies. Add in some seriously hysterical and smart leading women and an adorable boy and I’m done for. I’m girl crushing hard on Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow is not getting nearly enough credit for how hilarious she is. Rebel Wilson is flawless. I’ve seen it four times. I’ve got the soundtrack memorized. I may have turned one of the songs into my ringtone. At any given point during the day I’m texting my other accapeople with our favorite bits. I might be able to do the choreography from the last scene.

If anyone in charge of the show The Singoff has any idea what’s good for them they’ll have Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow on to sing “Titanium” which has been woefully left off the soundtrack.

What I’m saying, don’t be surprised when I drag you with me to see it again and I break my own no movie talking rule by (quietly) singing along and fist-pumping where appropriate.

I mean, you’re welcome.


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