The first caturday of NaBloPoMo. I can’t NOT post about George Weasley.

So, George. Oh George. Our transition has been…frustrating in ways I didn’t anticipate. I never realized how easy I had it with Westley. Dude never peed where he wasn’t supposed to, took to snuggling right away, and would eat anything I put down for him. George snubbed the $20 bag of Halo for a $6 bag of Iames, he’ll snuggle but never just settles down on your lap. And then there’s the peeing. SO. MUCH. PEE. At first I think it started as a territorial thing, I mean to be fair the Apartminium probably reeked of Westley. But somewhere along the way he stopped marking and decided my walls were open season. Oh, you guys, I tried everything. Feliway, Nature’s Secret, white vinegar, aluminum foil. Nothing worked.

After several tearful nights and a few suggestions from friends to leave him in a field I finally called the vet. He’d lost a pound since July, she noticed a heart murmur she hadn’t before, and she called him a little jerk when I told her that the Feliway spray just makes him pee directly on whatever I spray it on. Turns out he has mild kidney disease, hence the weight loss, and he’s probably a bit older than the five years the humane society had him pegged at, we determined that he’s highly anxious and  might need anxitane, and he should have a $525 echo on his heart to figure out what’s going on with the murmur. Also that tooth up there on the left? It’s going to need to come out in the next year.

He’s on special renal kitty food, we’re holding off on the echo because I’m poor, and he’s trained me to turn on the bathroom faucet so the little snob can have fresh running water.

The peeing seems to have stopped (CROSS ALL THE APPENDAGES KNOCK ON ALL THE WOOD ZOMG DON’T JINX THIS) and he definitely seems to be feeling better. I even caught him playing with one of the twenty neglected cat nip mice lying around. He’s never once played with anything. This is big.

It’s taken us a little while, but I think we’re finally finding our stride. He sure does make me happy.


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