The Story Of The Bees With The Four Dirty Paws

Soooo, what’s new?

I’ll be honest, Internets, I’m not sure where to start. There’s almost too much I have to tell you. I mean, not necessarily exciting things, but things nonetheless. And they all feel like big things that need a little more time devoted to them.

Day two and I’m already stalled, this can’t be good.

Oh! But! I can tell you about my newly acquired love of facetime!

Internets, I am writing to you from my shiny new macbook. Her name is Leslie Knope because she is smart, powerful, and loves waffles. Aside from the obvious benefits: being able to edit photos without the entire computer shutting down, a battery that doesn’t smell like burning plastic when it’s plugged in for more than thirty minutes, more than 2% disk space left no matter how much I clean it off and format it, what Leslie Knope really means is I can facetime with mah friends.

I honestly had no idea I would love it so much. I’m terrible on the phone and in my head facetime was just a phone call. But with more chins.

Turns out? I was totally wrong. It means I get to talk and see people who are far away! (I realize right now y’all are all, “You do understand what facetime is, right?” HUSH. My last computer didn’t have a camera or a mic, so shut it and let me revel in my new technology.) Which means, even though I feel like I’m working all the damn time I can still share face space with the faces I love.

It also means this happens.

face rubber

It also means I’m considering re-painting my walls because turns out they make me look sickly. Even when a shameless face rubber is attacking my face.


2 thoughts on “The Story Of The Bees With The Four Dirty Paws

  1. punkinmama1 says:

    I have never facetimed. Is that the appropriate tense?

    Also, clearly, I’m behind on my blog reading… Good thing I didn’t attempt any blog writing…

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