Clearly I’ve Lost My Mind

So, on the heels of being all, WAAH I CAN’T WRITE I’ve decided to do NaBloPoMo again and hey, while we’re at it, why not just do NaNoWriMo, too? OH SURE. NO PROBLEM.

Basically this means I’ve lost my damn mind and, for the month of November at least, you’re going to get to hear about a whole lot of boring things in my life you probably have no desire to hear about. Why won’t George Weasley stop peeing on my walls? Why does the hot neighbor boy glare at me? The importance of properly fitting underwears. What snacks should I bring to watch the Twilight marathon? Online dating: WHY SO TERRIBLE? Weight loss! Depression! Boots! Cats! I mean, honestly, that’s only the tip of the proverbial sad, sad iceberg.


Nobody asked you, George Weasley.

Signing up for NaNo is actually 19 kinds of terrifying in that whole it’s going after something I really really want and if I fail holy lord there will be no picking the pieces back up. Or something slightly less hyperbolic. So, yes. I’m a little scared, a little convinced I’m going to fail, and a little excited.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go eat my weight in cheese.

6 thoughts on “Clearly I’ve Lost My Mind

  1. punkinmama1 says:

    Has it already been a year?! Sadly (?) I won’t be joining you this year! But I’m looking forward to reading about boots, and online dating, and cheese! (And whatever else ya got!)

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