Reset Button

It’s been two weeks since I went to Blissdom and I’ve been trying to figure out how to write about it without sounding like a sugar soaked sap. I’m pretty sure I’m still going to fail.

I’ve been pretty mired in my muck the past, well let’s be honest here, two years. Two years of feeling like my world is slowly falling in on me and there’s no hope to stop it.

I spent four days in Nashville on the verge of tears. Because I found hope.

Um, y’all? That is Me Ra Koh. Go see her speak. Seriously. Now.

Hope that things won’t always suck.

Hope that I can pursue my passions, what I love love to do and be successful at them.

I felt truly happy for the first time in I can’t even tell you. I met women I’ve admired for years, who are every bit as awesome in person as they are online. I met people I didn’t even know I wanted to meet until there they were standing in front of me, being all fantastic and where have you been all my life.

I laughed, and drank, and stepped outside my comfort zone and danced and sang on stage, and stayed up all night talking with new friends and stayed up all night the next night wheeze laughing with old ones.

I rediscovered pieces of myself, of my soul, of my heart, of my me that I thought I’d lost long ago. That I’d given up hope on ever finding again.

This conference and the women (and men!) who comprise it were exactly what I needed. It was a reset button for my soul. I got to be a version of myself I’ve missed, desperately. And there simply aren’t enough words to express that kind of gratitude.

*Photos courtesy of mah lady mooshinindy, and Hannah Braboy.


25 thoughts on “Reset Button

  1. Where have you been all of MY life? I’m so truly beyond happy that I met you and that we were able to hang out. It’s very rare that you meet someone and it’s as if you’ve known them FOREVER, that’s exactly how I felt around you. It’s like we are soul mate friends.

    Thank you for being you and awesome and drooling over Chris Mann with me.

    Can’t wait to see you again, hopefully soon…for sure in Nashville next year!!


  2. “You’re showing that love to the people in your life and then sometimes they’re showing it to you, and when your friend isn’t going to make it to the edge of the pool, you jump in with your clothes on and swim next to her.”


  3. this could have been me writing all this. the last two years has sucked the life right out of me, almost every ounce of joy… leaving only enough to fake it on the outside. BlissDom in Nashville, to me, was the breath of life I needed. Now to protect all of that… and to build on it!

    🙂 fabulous post!!

  4. I had a fantastic time! And thanks from the bottom of my heart for going to your first ever blog conference with a girl who took her newborn.

    Also, I LOVE that last photo, and don’t have any recollection of actually taking it.

    • I lucked out having the perfect roommates (even with Paul’s 2am sharts 😉 ) and I couldn’t have asked for two more perfect people to hold my hand through my first conference.

      Yeah, I have NO idea when we took that photo but I LOVE it.

  5. 300poundsdown says:

    Wow these pictures are awesome!! It looks like a summer camp for adults too! I hope I can go next year. Thanks for sharing!

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