Today’s post is brought to you by laziness and Instagram, which really are kinda the same thing.

An extremely talented friend of mine is the one designing the building that every Super Bowl volunteer will go through and she needed a few extra hands painting. It’s an abandoned chapel right next to Lucas Oil that in it’s most recent uses was a halfway house and a correctional facility and will be demolished after the Super Bowl.

So first, I found the murder room. Like you do.



Then there was painting (paint by numbers style because I have zero artistic talent) next to the murder room.



Then I was left to my own devices and solidified the fact that I have absolutely no artistic ability, not even in my little pinky. And especially not holding a paint brush.


Surprisingly I managed to walk away mostly unscathed.


As for all you Super Bowl volunteers? No one’s allowed to mock the paint job, ya hear?


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