It’s Going To Get Sappy Up In Here. Mind Your Step.

There is something to be said for people who you’ve known almost your whole life. They’ve seen me at my most awkward and uncomfortable. They’ve seen me stumble and fall flat on my face. They’ve seen me laugh and cry and everything in between and that was all before fourth grade. We can sit in a room for hours on end and not need to fill the time with anything. We’ve vacationed together, fought together, fought against each other, moved on and come back, been through boyfriends and breakups, marriages and babies (or cats, for some *ahem*) and we’ve ended up in this spot. I can be weak in front of them because they’ve seen it all and somehow that makes me stronger. They know me better than almost anyone.

And then there are the people who show up, unannounced, unexpected and fit into your life like they were always there. They may not have been there when your first boyfriend hurt you, or you learned to drive, or that bitch in homeroom said your hair was poufy and you wanted to smack her smug little face but instead you got a hall pass and cried in the bathroom because OMG what if she was right? What if you were walking around all these years with poufy hair and didn’t know it. They weren’t there for it, but it feels like they were. Like they should have been there.

I cannot accurately explain how much it means to me to have people in my life who get me. To be able to just walk into a room and sit down and not need to say anything. To just be.

I am extraordinarily lucky to be surrounded by a group of diverse, smart, funny, caring, thoughtful friends. Some I’ve known longer than I haven’t, some only a few years, some the Internet brought me. All of them, they calm me. I am an over-thinker, an over-analyzer, a worrier. I get caught up in my own head and my mind spins and spins and spins. But in the presence of my friends I get to just be.


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