Caturday And The Return Of The Disappearing Water Pressure

I live in a century old building with forty-something other people which means that my hot water pressure? Is more like slow trickle down and then it’s only down because gravity takes over. If I want to take a bath? It involves heating water in every pan I own, twice, while the tub is filling AND a least three rounds of microwaving water. But at least twice a year it mysteriously shows up for anywhere between one to two weeks. And it comes back with a vengeance. To the point where if you get in the shower at the wrong angle? Goodbye nipples, it was nice to know you.

mind your nipplesThere are very few things in life that I love more than showering with good water pressure; believe you me I take advantage of it while it’s there. So, basically what I am saying is if you’re going to see me, the next two weeks would be the ideal time because I will be extremely clean. I’ve already showered twice in the last 12 hours, is what I’m saying.

And now for gratuitous cat pictures!





Happy Caturday!


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