I Make No Apologies For What Is About To Happen

You guys, I uh, don’t know if you know this but today is kinda a big deal.  There are no more sleeps left. It’s a big day for a our special snowflake. Tonight, Sparkles gets his girl. Tonight at 8pm (Dear AMC, thank you for finally doing something right. Getting to see it 4 hours before everyone else? Well played.) my little heart will squee (internally, you don’t throw out movie rules, not even for Twilight) as everybody’s favorite, sparkling vampire and my favorite emoteen get hitched.

I may be slightly excited.

Breaking Dawn Day!And just in case that doesn’t adequately portray my enthusiasm:

Sparkle this, bitchesWe start with blatant happiness, move onto shock and awe, we then reserve judgement, and finally hey check out this tendon in my neck, ain’t it cool?

Thankfully, the ladies I will be going with share my enthusiasm.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Sarah, which will explain why we are friends.

I’m like a vampire who doesn’t sparkle in the sunlight….*mumbles* so not even a cool one.

Exactly, friend. Exactly.


2 thoughts on “I Make No Apologies For What Is About To Happen

  1. Seriously, SUCH a fun time last night. I can’t believe how superior and awesome I felt by watching it at 8:00 instead waiting until midnight. You are the best, and you sparkle to me.

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