This Weekend

This weekend did not sleep in. I visited a friend in the hospital (dear baby: NOT YET.) I knitted while she slept, because woe I am a little old lady now.

This weekend I had dinner with my very favorite people. We gorged ourselves on Mexican food and good conversation.

This weekend I swapped out my square tv for a rectangular one. See also: it’s amazing what you’ll find mostly unused in your parent’s basement.

This weekend I did not figure out how to program my uverse remote to work with the new rectangular tv. (Woe.)

This weekend I stained my fingers red digging out pomegranate seeds. (Nomz.)

This weekend I watched my godson run himself ragged at one of those bouncy places. (Games! Bounce! Bumper cars! Trampoline! RunRunRun!)

This weekend I forgot to make time to write, but I did it anyway.

That was my weekend. How was yours?


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