Goodbye Youth, Hello Scarves

I’m learning how to knit with help from two lovely ladies.


For someone who claims not to know how to knit, she sure had a lot of  supp,lies to lend me.

I’m just fully embracing the crazy, knitting cat lady cliche at this point.

wats dis

I’ve said goodby to my youth.

I may even knit him a sweater.

Take it back

Scarves for everyone!

*Turns out I was so in the groove of writing and posting I forgot it was mandatory to do every day. Oops.


7 thoughts on “Goodbye Youth, Hello Scarves

  1. hillel_kitty says:

    LOL! Embrace your inner elderly female stereotype! We shall reclaim “Crazy knitting cat lady” for the 20s-30s crowd! I’m going to make a hand-knitted sandwich board to announce it to the world!

    …But seriously? Why is it that every knitter I know owns at least one cat? Is it because we like soft, squishy things (like alpaca yarn and tabbies?)

    Here’s a great pattern for a cat sweater. I like the description even better than the sweater itself.

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