The Moose

Five years ago a little over 24 hours after I told work, PEACE I GOT PLACES TO BE I held you for the first time. You were pink, and little yet giant (hey, we don’t call you The Moose for nothing) and perfect. I cried. A lot. So did your mom. (This might also be because she thought she was headed for the lobotomist. I informed her that you go to the phlebotomist when you lose a lot of blood, like she had. You go to the lobotomist when it’s 1935.) Your Nana said we were overly tired. We were (especially your mom she did all the heavy pushing after all) but it was also you. You were kinda awesome. You still are.

At five you’re such a big kid. You say silly things just to see people laugh. You say silly things and don’t even know it. (I was very sorry when you stopped calling fish, ‘bitch.’ Hey look! Bitches!) One day your mom and I are going to make you a quilt with all your funny things on them for you to take to college. No, don’t worry, the ladies will love it. You are the best moviegoer I’ve ever come across, and you’ll understand one day when I say this is a big deal for me. For years you introduced your mom to me any time I came over. I’d remind you that yes, we’ve met.

For the first few months of your life whenever I’d walk in the room you’d look at me like, Oh hell, her again? Don’t look at me dude, your mom’s the one who went and made me your godmother. You’re stuck with me for awhile.

You are kind and sweet and at times infuriating in a way that only little boys you love can be. You are stubborn like your mom, but you got all her good parts too so it’s like someone doubled my best friend. I am sad for anyone that doesn’t get to know you, but you are one of the best little people around. You are good at nearly every sport you try, despite not having grown into your puppy feet quiet yet. You call me, “My Shireen” and it makes me feel all gooey inside. You never fail to surprise me by how grown up you sound or laugh with your silly words. Seeing you is always the best part of my day.

Being your godmother means I get all the best parts of you and can kick you to the curb when start acting up. (Kidding!) It means that I will always have your back. I will laugh at your jokes when they aren’t funny. I will mock you when you deserve it. And sometimes when you don’t. I will almost always side with your mom. I will be here to listen to you when you get older and have to deal with all the bullshit we adults deal with.

Mostly it just means I will love you with my whole heart.


I blatantly stole this from your mom

Happy birthday, dude.

I’ll eat you up, I love you so.


12 thoughts on “The Moose

  1. The Moose's mama says:

    You! You made me cry…the happiest of tears of course. Another one of Owen’s funny sayings was, “I quit you!” But Owen and I? We will never quit you. We are both so lucky to have “Our Shireen.”

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