And Now For Something Completely Frivolous

I have The Lazy. I was born with it. It’s been blamed on my mother’s side of the family; it’s been blamed on my father’s side. It’s been blamed on the fact that I’m part Shirazi (Naps! Naps for everyone! In the middle of the day! Even the goldfish nap! Naps all around!) It can be combated with Diet Coke and pep talks and sunshine, but at the end of the day there’s a snoozy part of my DNA going, But it’s so much WORK.

A few months ago like the good internet dweller that I am I discovered and subsequently immersed myself in Pinterest. Land of recipes, cute animals, funny sayings and crafts. OMG so many crafts. Knowing me, I labeled a board, “Crafty Shit I Tell Myself I’ll Do But Probably Won’t” because, let’s be honest. Most of them probably won’t happen. But there is one thing that got done.

No heat curls. (Look, I warned you in the title this was frivolous.) (Edit: It works!)

The gist of the no heat curls is you take a headband, wrap your hair around it, sleep on it and in the morning you take it down and have lovely curls. It takes ten/fifteen minutes and the most important part? YOU SLEEP ON IT. And for me, it lasts for approximately three days, in various states of curl. I did it once and fell in love because you guys, IT’S SO EASY. Even The Lazy can’t argue. And since I’m trying not to just throw my hair in a ponytail now that it’s longer, I do this all. the. damn. time.

Recently I stepped up my game (weird, right?) and did two layers of headbands since my hair is so thick.

getting crazy up in herrr

And then in the morning this happened:

ignore the headband marks across my forehead

And then I realized I probably shouldn’t go out in public looking like I’d let the cat do my hair:

well, that's a little better

Ignore my dirty mirror.

So yes, when you see me with my curly, bouncy hair and you’re so impressed you nearly fall over? I did all the work in my sleep. heh


2 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Frivolous

  1. ILY and your blog posts. And your sleepy curly hair. And your naps. Because naps are the best. Imagine how much nicer people would be if they all got to have naps. It could lead to world peace! I’m going to go have a nap right now.

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