It’s Caturday you guys! The day when I get to give into all of my crazy cat lady-ness.

Since adopting this little guy, he’s left his furry mark over the apartminium in more ways than one.

evidence of kitty

Mostly in the phrases that can be heard at any given time.

Please don’t put your butt in my face.

Please don’t bite my fingers.

DON’T FALL OUT THE WINDOW (I have a slight fear that he’ll lean against my flimsy screens and plummet 3 stories, landing on his feet and shattering all his kitty bones.)

You may not sit on my face.

this is totally comfortable you guys

I don’t always win that fight


Why are you so cute?


Seriously, get your ass out of my face.

No one likes a biter, knock it off Bitey.

Hey Finger Biter, stoppit right now!

Put your butt in my face one more time and I’ll wear you like an infinity scarf this winter.

I keep waiting for my neighbor to knock on my door and ask if I need any help getting rid of my finger biting, butt obsessed, fluffy boyfriend.

It’s a good thing he’s so damn cute.

top of my bookshelf is apparently the place to be


4 thoughts on “Caturday!

  1. eric says:

    In terms of the biting thing, I’ve found that either biting the cat back or gagging them with whatever they are biting seems to make that activity sufficiently unpleasant to make the gaps between bites longer and longer.

    The butt in the face thing is anybody’s guess.

    • The butt in the face thing is probably b/c he’s all proud of how fluffy it is. He over grooms when he’s nervous and when I adopted him he’d groomed it to the point where it looked like he’d be shaved. He’s just showing off now.

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