Finding My Voice

I struggle with what to write about here, sometimes. I’m not writing about my (nonexistent) kids, or my family, or a specific topic like weight loss or depression or tv recaps, just me. All me, all the time; with the occasional cat thrown in. I struggle with the, “who cares?” of it all. Besides my mom,of course.

I remember in one of my writing classes in college my professor talking about finding your voice as a writer. Finding that way in which you’re going to tell your story that’s unique to you. And I remember going, “well hell, what is my voice?” It’s something that I’ve always fought with, and I fight with it here, too.  I haven’t felt like I’ve found my voice for this space, at least not yet.

But I’m certainly not going to find it by being quiet. I like plans. I like to know everything about something so when I go to do it I can excel at it. But that’s not how the world works. And not doing something because I don’t have have it all figured out yet, or because I’m scared I might fail is no way to live a life (or write a blog.)

So, let’s do this thing, shall we?


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