Yellow, Smiley, Happy Faced Cookies

O heyyyyy guise.

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been kinda busy. Jobs do that.

(I was going to write like 18 paragraphs and totally bury the lead. I made it three sentences.)

True story: I have a job now. An awesome job. A job that fits me, that I’m excited to go to every day. A job where, last week when I found out someone had done a job I had planned on doing? I was sad. SAD YOU GUYS. BECAUSE SOMEONE HAD DONE SOMETHING FOR ME. I guarantee this is a brand new experience for me. A job that makes me, not unlike the newly engaged/married, walk around saying, “Oh, I actually have to work then. Because I have a job.” and, “Oh, I don’t know, let me check my schedule. My work schedule. Because I go to work now.” and, “Yeah, I just started this new job. We’re so in love!” and possibly, “Have you seen the wall outside my office? The office where I work. Because I have a job.” There’s also some preening involved, and probably some awkward facial expressions that mean I’m trying to look coy and/or smug.*

Which is to say, right now? I’m pretty happy.

Yellow, smiley happy face cookies kind of happy.

With my job.

Where I work.

‘Cause I have a job.

*And I’m totally not just saying that because they’re probably reading this. Swears. Hiiiii,guys!


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