Time the Fuck Out

Shit is going DOWN in Bon Temps, y’all.

It’s not every day that a deity is fixing to make an appearance in your small backwater town. The occasion calls for something special. But it has to be really, really special. You can’t just sacrifice a goat and call it a day. It’s been done to death. And you don’t want to disappoint said deity. Nothing says special like a tower of meat in the front yard?

Look y’all I don’t even know. This shit was not in the books.

What I do know is that this episode was seriously lacking in Viking Vampire. One half naked dream sequence does not a happy viewer make. Or something. And for the love of Shilo can someone in the hair department please give BEEL some decent hair? Stephen Moyer is an attractive man, but that hair is not doing him any favors. Let’s remedy this, shall we?

What we lacked in Viking was made up by everybody’s favorite Gilmore Boy Terry Bellefleur. Terry used his military experience to organize Maryanne’s merry band of shit disturbers into capturing Sam. He also seemed to be the only one who was still able to use any sort of reasoning skills while under Maryanne’s influence, calling bullshit on Jason’s lack of horns as the God that Comes.

And all I have to say about Jason’s attempt to free Sam is: Jason Stackhouse you stupid, sexy motherfucker. Bless.

On to this week’s quotable quote. Bill pulled through again for me this week when he went Vampire to Maenad with Maryanne and tried to get her to leave Sookeh!’s house.

“Ah strongly suggest you remove yourah self immediately!”

Needless to say I will be telling everyone I come in contact with to remove them selves immediately!

Honorable mentions go to Lafayette: “Jesus and I may have agreed to see other people, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still talk from time to time”

And Sam “Smite me motherfucker” Merlott.

There’s only 2 more episodes left. SOB!

This rushed post brought to you while I’m on vacation, bitches! and headed out the door.

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