Vampire Tears and Drity Lying Liars

True Blood keeps trucking along and there’s only 3 more episodes left and I don’t want to talk about it, okay?

This week’s episode was one of my favorites. We had Eric convincing Sookeh! to suck the silver bullets out of his chest b/c he is a lying liar who lies. There was Maryann preaching about how we all need to let loose and bash each other in the face a little more to experience God, or something. Which is amusing considering she’s always been pretty in control of her boozing, drugging and orgying. But she finally lost her shit when Sam turned into a fly and buzzed right himself right the hell out of that jail cell. We had gratuitous boob de Sookeh! to drive home the point that it’s Not TV, It’s HBO. Eric’s nekkid bod inspires the UNF heard ’round the world. Bella and Edward go to the Kings of Leon concert and that sound you just heard was the collective head of Robsten shippers everywhere exploding. Oh, wait, wrong vampires. So sorry. We learned that despite being a 6’3″, hundred (thousand?) something year old vampire when Eric cries his voice goes approximately 18 octaves higher than mine when recorded. Which is pretty damn high.

But despite all the great moments it was a hard one to pull a favorite quote from. A good quote is one that can be repeated out of context while casually walking by your co-worker’s desk and still be hysterical. It is usually not intended to be funny. But Bill was strangely absent of his Scarlett O’Haraian tendencies which generally contribute to the quote. He was oddly calm and reserved. WHO IS THIS UNDERSTATED VAMPIRE AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH BILL?

But it was perhaps that lack of drama and the wry smile that made this week’s quote a winner. (And by winner I mean in the sense that I’ve now chosen to share it with all 3 of you now. So really we’re all winners. heh.) It’s Bill’s simple agreement that yes, Eric is in fact a dirty little liar and he too would like to kill him.

“Ah concuh.”

Technically this quote works best in context, but I still think it’s a winner. And there’s an extreme likelihood that for the rest of the week anytime anyone asks me a question I will respond with “Ah concuh.”

I am partial to, “Have ah made mah point?” also though…

And Eric’s, “You stone cold bitch,” was good too…

Too many choices.


4 thoughts on “Vampire Tears and Drity Lying Liars

  1. Jordyn says:

    Oh, I heart your TB blogs… I’m so sad that there areonly 3 episodes left. I just started watching this week’s episode (only up to the part w/Jessica & Hoyt) “You big lying a-hole” from Sookie to Eric was pretty freaking amusing. Just b/c she’s definitely said much worse, so to come out with that PG it was funny… ok, and naked Eric? I didn’t think my day could get any better after my discovery of Paradise Cafe’s red velvet cake cookies. Expect more blog comments later ;o)

  2. Jordyn says:

    OK, I’m mad that Godric killed himself, and I want to be sad… but I can’t stop laughing @ Eric… and I love my Eric… but it’s pretty comical…

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