You have never been older than you are today

Approximately eleventy billion years ago The Moose’s Mama requested that I post a blog on my now abandoned MySpace blog and that it be dedicated to her. Well ladypants, today is your lucky day. This one’s for you.

We’d had a lot of the same friends in high school and hung out a bit more our freshman year at Ball State. So, sitting in a theater a few months before the end of our freshman year waiting for Crossroads to start [yes, you read that right] I turned and in the most awkward way possible asked her if she wanted to room together next year.

“Sooooo…uh, I, uh don’t have a roommate next year…and, uh, didn’t know if you, uh were going to room with…and I thought that maybe…uh, so do you?”

Fear of rejection does amazing things for my language skills.

Somehow she interpreted that has “Hey you want to room together? We both like Britney Spears; this should be fun!” Or something. Whatever she said yes.


What ensued was hilarity and stupidity at its highest level. We even coerced a third party to join in our junior and senior year. Poor girl never saw it coming. heh. Sorry J.

It should be noted that between our sophomore and junior year when we were discussing moving into an apartment and out of the dorms that that same previously awkward speech was revisited. We both went out and looked at apartments together. We both scoured the newspapers together for an apartment. But what was never discussed was if these apartments we were looking at would house both of us or if two apartments would be necessary. “Have you asked her if you’re going to live together next year, yet?” was heard multiple times from both our families. Finally, I could not take it anymore.

“Sooooo…uh, I don’t, uh, know about you, but I’ve, uh had a lot of fun this year…and didn’t know if…well, you know, if you wanted to uh…thought that maybe we could, huh, you know…?”

By the time junior year was over I’d finally gotten into the swing of things.

“So, we’re just renewing the lease right? Good. Now let’s make margaritas and watch the Britney special on Showtime.”

But somewhere in between the Nsync and Britney Spears concerts (my Shame Face, let me show it to you), the awkwardness that is me, long talks in the hallway between our bedrooms and just general shenanigans I gained a best friend.

And then that fool went and made me the godmother to her son so now she’s never getting rid of me.


Happy Birthday lady! Don’t know what I’d do without you.



3 thoughts on “You have never been older than you are today

  1. Jordyn says:

    Awww… whatever! I love you girls & I miss my roomies. And yes, you should be ashamed of the NSYNC… but Britney Jean rocks!!! :o)

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